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With an ROI (Return on Investment) of three to five years, and the possibility that by addressing a specific local market needed to produce (green) crops such as kale, basil or lettuce, bok choy, and reducing the ROI to less than two years, investors are starting to take notice. When a single commercial installation pencils out to yield a net-net in the low six figures and the output can match any wholesale supplier’s prices and still make money, serious investors take note.

EquityCrowdfunding let’s anyone invest in StartUp’s like Local Jim’s Enterprises owned by James B. Fyfe Jr has such a great potential. Next Level Organic’s is a 32 tank Barramundi hatchery start up in Okeechobee florida. This aqua culture project is a great way for qualified investors who are not risk averse to diversify part of their portfolios away from traditional stocks. Aquaculture is considered a non-traditional investment with a low beta correlation to publicly traded stocks and bonds. The potential for excellent rates of return on investment are present; internal rates of return of 20-30% over a ten year timeframe are achievable in well-managed projects and companies. While investing in aquaculture can be a tricky business, sophisticated investors who take the time to learn the business and the potential pitfalls can be well rewarded. While fish farming or aquaculture may appear highly technical to many qualified investors, it’s still a business at its core and from this perspective it’s really no different from any other alternative investment that may be under consideration. By performing some basic due diligence, an astute investor can easily eliminate half of the prospects on his own right out of the gate. When it’s time to get serious, an accredited investor should absolutely hire an aquaculture expert to perform a technical due diligence on the most promising aquaculture investment opportunity or opportunities.

An investment in Next Level Organics is a investment in Aquaculture and the community that will generate solid returns. The start Up investment is $276,000 dollars and we know that qualified investors will consider investing in new or existing project and preferably in the range of USD 300,000 for stand-alone investments in new projects. A Feasibility Study and Business Model were done as well as a Aquaculture business plan. These documents were developed for Local Jim’s Enterprises ; along with the Construction manuals & Blue prints for this project. If you are a qualified investor or represent an investment group seeking an aquaculture investment opportunity. We can be contacted at:

Local Jim’s Enterprises LLC.
5545 Kanner Hwy. Lot 35
Stuart FL, 34995

(772) 353-7524


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