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Aquacultured and Organic Vegetable Production

Highest Level Organics knows that Aquaponics absolutely is the answer for how to grow our organic vegetables now and in the future. We are excited to ask you to join us at Highest Level Organics local food Revolution. Aquaponics is the fastest growing segment of agriculture production in America because it works.

Join us and many others like us and become a part of the solution; a Para-dime shift that will facilitate change in our communities and families health. Join us and be a part of a ground floor opportunity that has not caught fire yet. I have been doing Organic gardening and small farming since 1990 and have seen a lot of attempts to grow the organic movement. Aquaponics is the first environmentally friendly way to feed large communities while helping feed the growing numbers of hungry people in our communities.

Lately all we hear is how bad Monsanto’s and the Kock brothers are, but I believe in the solutions that exist to solve these problems. The Model above does just that. It is the solution to all of the problems we face both here and abroad. The Kock brothers infomercial solution was to invent another fertilizer that can grow the food twice as fast and twice as much.

The solution exists now. “Aquaponics” is the solution in 2017.

The model I am using is a proven modular system that can be duplicated and added onto which is why I am using it to build the Hatchery. As an experienced community development worker both myself and my pastor want to impact our communities. At the same time a church model can be built on our property and designated for that specific church or NDO. This means any size church can feed the flock or per-mote a ministry to the hungry from their church.

Please remember that 4 Green House can produce 100,000 pounds of vegetables per year solely for a specific church or NGO. Another key point is that the hatchery will produce enough fertilizer to run 30 or more green Houses per year. The opportunity to help others is there for those that see and share this vision; furthermore the opportunity to impact the health of people in our communities For instance those in need in our congregations, church kitchens, LAHIA, House of Hope etc.

Highest level Organics can also provide high paying jobs for out of work people. As an experienced Community Development worker in Central America I have used a (Tent Ministry) like Highest level Organics wants to do locally, this concept can be used by small start up church’s and mission focused NGO’s. It was not that long ago when most all our pastors were working pastors that preached in churches on Sunday while working the farm and jobs the rest of the time.

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