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The first Barramundi Hatchery in our community

Why now in 2017 build a barramundi hatchery and organic vegetable producing facility, it is because Barramundi is becoming much more popular in the U.S as well as being delicious substitute for white fish. Barramundi is also like Tilapia and lends it’s self well to being raised in tanks, since it is a fast growing and  hardy fish. The Barramundi will grow very well in a recirculation system like the one Mr. Fyfe will be using. Also since Barramundi is a fairly new to the American sea food scene, it also provides a huge opportunity for growth in out hatchery. It can be found now in New York State and Pennsylvania for as mush as $10.00 to $12.00 a pound. The hatchery proposed will consists of 32 tanks when completed, and the vegetables and fish production from the facility is huge. The facility can be completed on 5 to 6 acres. A Kock industry’s infomercial satiates that we will need to double our food production on the same amount of land by 2050.  “Okay” We can do that right now in 2017 at Local Jim’s Enterprises. Another potential problem food shortages and the cost of food in 10 years is projected to go from $1200 dollars a month and $14,400 per year to more than triple over ten years. It is sad because our income does not increase like this. We know we have an affordable solution to existing problems and our children’s future problems.

Jim’s Journey: An Aquaculture StartUp

Mr. Fyfe’s journey started in a his backyard in 1990 when Jim and a few of his church friends wanted to start growing vegetables using organic methods like Composting. It was in 1995 when Jim was called to be a Missionary, and while working at Heart Missionary Institute and Servant’s in Faith and Technologies he worked on their small farm before leaving for Guatemala. While in Guatemala jim worked for Central America for Christ. It was in 1996 that jim was first introduced to aquaculture, but it was not until 2012 that he would be reintroduced to aquaculture / Aquaponics through his friend and consultant Douglas Burdette Jr.

Mr. Burette is known as the father of commercial aquaculture in the US and developed the first true commercial aquaponics system in 1986. It is Mr. Fyfe’s broad experiences from construction,farming, alternative energy as well as running a flooring company that as given him the skills to build a substantial facility that will impact the surrounding communities.


The below picture are a couple of others using the same system Jim will use. Join us in providing Organic food locally to all of those who want to eat clean un-poisoned food.

Clean food for our Future and a healthier lifestyle

The mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of organic vegetables and fish raised in the most optimal growing conditions. Being local gives Mr. Fyfe the unique experience of watching and participating in the Organic moments since 1990 to date. He has seen the advancements technology that has given us the opportunity to provide live food as nature had intended. When we use environmentally controlled greenhouses our yields are increased and we can provide beautiful dark green produce. Our green house will be bio-secure and protect our plants from pests – enabling us to grow without the use of pesticides and ensuring a safe organic product every time. Also by using Automation all of the mechanical aspects will be networked and integrated into a system which enables us to monitor, control, and automate our growing environments.

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