Risks and Solutions


“Why Build The Barramundi Hatchery” that will raise of Organic fish & Vegetables. There is a lot of dum and glom out there for instance. What doe’s Thefirstinvestmentfund.com and Kock industries commercials have in common? They both point food shortages here in America, and through out the global on an even larger scale.


Mr. Fyfe believes that our perception of a problem can have a greater impact on the problem; by doing our small part we enact change. A change that can have a great impact on our families and our future.


Okay if we recognize there will be a problems then what can we do about it. The commercial said we needed to double our crops on the same acreage to solve the problem. Their answer was we are working on it at Kock industries. Highest Level Organics is a part of the solution Mr. Fyfe at Highest Level Organics and other like him have the answer to food shortages. Yes the answer is Aquaculture /Aquaponics. Most everybody I share with ask me then why dosen’t the government do something? I tell them that big Government and big farma make a lot of money doing business as usual ” at our expense and health not theirs.


With an ROI (Return on Investment) of three to five years, and the possibility that by addressing a specific local market needed to produce (green) crop such as kale, basil or bok choy, and reducing the ROI to less than two years, investors start to take notice. When a single commercial installation pencils out to yield a net-net in the low six figures and the output can match any wholesale supplier’s prices and still make money, serious investors take note.

The possibility of using Aquaponics is trending toward being used by city planners. They are focusing on funding for both hydroponics and aquaponics systems to create higher degrees of food security in large cities in order to to feed their growing urban populations. Their plans include the use of vacant lots for the installation of attractive greenhouses and retrofitting empty warehouses for growing food year round.

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