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We Grow the fish Organically that produces organic vegetables for our community of supporters empowering better health & wellness, a Lifestyle.

The future nursery which is a part of the vision for the 32 tank hatchery will have four tanks dedicated to the Larva stage in the rearing area.  This area houses the fish up to 4 inches long that are hatched from the fertilized eggs collected from the broodstock tanks during spawning events.


The time line is at 12 days post-hatch when we can move the fry’s into the Juvenile tanks where they are weaned off of live “Artemia feed” onto a dry pelleted feed.  Once the fish are completely weaned, they are transferred into the Juvenile system stage where they remain until they are large enough to be transported to several other grow-out tanks in the facility. They will be at table size in 8 to 9 months and 1.5 to 2 pounds in 12-14 months. And around 6 pounds in 18 months.

The fry’s can stay in their tanks for up to about 90 days of age and be sold to other fisheries. All food safety considerations have been met “HACCP” under the produce safety rule, and for sale to the public. Some will be transported to remote locations like New York State and Pensuvania where Barramundi is already popular.  Also after being culled instead of selling them they will be used for broodstock for the next batch of Barramundi.

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